Natural materials, mild shades and modern furniture - this is the apartment interior that our clients, a young married couple, wanted to see. Our studio offered customers to design their house in a combination of classic and minimalist styles. This mix allows to place bright color accents and animate the overall light color palette without overloading it.

The interior is dominated by beige tones, we’ve placed the accents carefully and chose graphite gray and dark moss green for this purpose. Minimalism dominates the kitchen, wooden facades are smooth, decorated with brass inserts. Our team opted for built-in appliances, the kitchen island has a strict shape and is made of marble.

A glass door leads to the private area of the apartment. From the corridor you can get into the office, bedroom, and bathroom. Mirrors were installed in the rooms to visually expand the space and let in more light. The apartment is filled with spectacular details - minimalist lamps, decorative details on the walls, hanging shelves, plain paintings, and a variety of textiles. Laid-back chic is the essence of this project.

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