We’ve designed this bright spacious apartment for a married couple. Our customers wanted to surround themselves with an elegant yet cozy interior, so they opted for pearly and powderily colors.

Our clients requested a thoroughly designed private area - a master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom and a spacious dressing room. Smooth round bright panels at the headboard, delicate textile wallpaper, multi-layered lighting - the master bedroom interior is so very peaceful. The bedroom walls are decorated with marble in classic black and white shades – a eye-catching accent. In the dressing room by the window there is a dressing table - it will be convenient for our client to apply makeup in natural light. High illuminated mirror visually enlarges the space. The interior of the bathroom is crisp, we used Italian marble and natural wood panels for its implementation.

The guest bedroom is securely separated from the master bedroom, its interior visually supports the style of the apartment. It turned out to be mild, restrained and decorated with simple elements. The guest bedroom has an ensuite bathroom too and a spacious dressing room with a view. Initially, the area of the room was smaller, it was increased due to the balcony, which our clients refused to keep. Thanks to this, the room turned out to be larger and sunnier.

The apartment has a separate area with a laundry room and an additional dressing room.

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