Anna Svyatoslavskaya

Hello, my name is Anna Svyatoslavskaya and I am one of the founders of the interior design studio GLOBAL DESIGN SOLUTIONS.⁣⁣⠀

I graduated from MGHPA im. Stroganova, Faculty of Architecture, studied for 6 years, before that she graduated from the MGAKHU in memory of 1905 with a degree in theater artist. My 10-year education helps to create interesting, harmonious spaces that I understand how to bring to life.

In the 3rd year of MGHPA im. Stroganov I was hired by a well-known design studio, where I worked for about a year, later I worked for about 4 years in a large construction company, which brought up in me pedantry in terms of drawings and construction itself.

For me, architecture and design is not a job, but an integral part of life, without which it is difficult to imagine it.

I have been successfully engaged in architecture and design for 8 years now. In collaboration with Arina, we founded an interior design studio, where I am the heart of the company and am engaged in artistic part.