Residential quarter “Knightsbridge private park”

American Classic combines comfort with perfect elegance. Our clients, a family with three children, were attracted to this style because of its practical and cozy nature. American classic is impossible without various decor and bright patterned textiles.

A distinctive feature of this style is the absence of any partitions between kitchen/dining area, living room or hallway. Spacious kitchen has an island for cooking, and a cozy living room has a fireplace. There is access to a winter garden from a comfortable lounge, outside the whole family can get together.

This design is characterized by warm, natural colors. There is a lot of eye-catching decor: vases with fresh flowers, bright cushions, figurines and books.

The color palette of the bedroom is calm with a lot of textiles in blue, brown and terracotta. Children’s rooms are comfortable and bright with enough storage to keep clothes and toys.

Large walk-in closet is in the hallway. There is also laundry and a pet wash for the beloved family's dog.

Apartment layout

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