Phase I

1. Studying client’s views on future design, gathering information, obtaining technical passport for a house or an apartment.
2. Working with data obtained from an as-built documentation.
3. Pre-demolition audit & photoshoot.
4. Technical design assignment approval.
5. Zoning plan (furniture layout & facilities plan), 2 design projects, final project selection and refinements.

Phase II

1. Furniture layout & facilities plan.
2. Demolition & construction plan for walls and partitions.
3. Ceiling plan with layout of lighting.
4. Ceiling plan with light switches and cable outlets.
5. Ceiling plan with an electrical power outlets and low power networks location.
6. Flooring layouts.
7. Heated floors layout.

Phase III

1. Design development and approval through moodboards for each room.
2. Rooms style definition.
3. 3D design project - rooms layouts with furniture and appliances.

Phase IV

1. Walls and construction elevation.
2. Technical design assignment for particular objects (furniture, staircases, fire place, moldings etc.)
3. A statement of finishing materials, appliances, plumbing works, lighting, furniture and accessories used in a project, its characteristics, quantity and estimated costs (except particular items requiring individual calculation).