Residential quarter “Barrin house”

The initial idea of this design was to create modern Russian country manor. Later on clients’ request we have redefined this project and came up with this custom classical design with a hint of classic traditional French interior.

Pistachio green color of walls works well as an unexpected touch, it gives an impossibly fresh and easy-to-live-with look.The abundance of wood, potted flowers and sunlight streaming through wide windows gives you an outdoor experience without leaving your home.

Combined kitchen and living room are perfect for family gatherings. The solid carved cupboard reminds of classical Russian interiors and at the same time fits contemporary furniture and cutting-edge built-in appliances. The combination of different flooring material highlights the functional areas. There are tiles for the kitchen and warm hardwood floors in the living room.

Soft subtle colors create a relaxing atmosphere in spacious bedrooms. Windows are not the only source of light. We have hand-picked exclusive chandeliers and wall lamps, also there is a backlight you can use in the evening as a guiding lights.

There is a spacious study, walk-in closet and a laundry in the project.

Apartment layout

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