Residential quarter “Barvikha Hills”

The project of this bright two-storey house was designed for a young couple.

The house is divided into two different zones. On the 1st floor there is a kitchen/dining area, a wc, living room, lounge and spacious terrace. On the second floor there is a master bedroom with a walk-in closet, guest bedroom, a study, two bathrooms and an extra storage room.

Following high quality materials were used for this design: resistant porcelain stoneware, wood and tempered glass. The walls are painted whitey. We decided to make a bright accent and put a glass panel depicting the North Sea in the guest bedroom. Our client is interested in the Arctic's nature, so we were inspired by deep cold north colors.

Elements of Japanese culture were added to the master bedroom. White walls with dark wood moldings imitate fusumas. There are several hieroglyphs above the headboard.

The study combines previously used colors and materials: several shades of blue, glass and intricate Japanese elements create an exclusive unique design.

The decoration of the master bathroom deserves special attention.This intricate white mosaic creates an arch that floats in the dark. This effect is achieved by using safe backlights.

Apartment layout

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