The one-story penthouse project includes two bedrooms, an office, common kitchen/living room area and a lounge area with access to a spacious terrace.

Minimalism is the choice of people who are extremely organized, bright individualists. The project is designed in a minimalist design considering all the wishes of our male client. High-quality, practical finishing materials were used for this project: porcelain stoneware, wood, tempered glass bathroom partitions. The interior is in a noble dark and light combo shades. Dark wood panels contrast perfectly with white walls, floors, and light comfortable furniture. Ceramic tiles imitate texture of wood in the bathroom look unconventional. This type of tile is resistant to moisture, steam, and temperature changes, and outwardly almost identical to the real wood.

The singleness of this project is the lighting. It is individual for each area of the apartment. The system implemented in the master bedroom deserves special attention: lighting elements are mounted in wooden panels at the head of the bed. In the office there is a multi-level lighting system creates with arm light that provides vision comfort and immerses in a futuristic atmosphere.

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