Vorobiev House

The project of a spacious apartment for a man. The interior is strict and refined - straight lines, discreet colors, and high-quality materials. The layout is efficient - a spacious dressing room in the hall, a common kitchen/dining area with a comfortable living room, a pragmatic workstation with a desk is arranged in the bedroom. The bathroom is remarkable, our client refused a bathtub, and as a result he got a spacious shower cabin, decorated with concrete wall panels.

We produced the masculine and functional interior of the kitchen/living room area: built-in appliances, smooth facades, carefully thought-out multi-layered lighting system. The color scheme is deliberately calm, various shades of gray go well with the ash-gray wood of the kitchen furniture. In some places, namely in the living room area, we put several bright accents - textile pillows in a shade of magnificent burgundy.

The house bears the imprint of the owner's personality, and the personality itself is revealed through details - accessories or art objects. In the living room there are large black and white photographs at about eye-level. The smooth alabaster walls are an excellent canvas for a rather large tender feminine sculpture put in the corner. The shade of painted ceramics blends perfectly with the rest of the interior elements.

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